Classroom Parents

Volunteer to be one of 2 Classroom Parents in each classroom! This is a wonderful opportunity to be close to your child, support his/her teacher and to build a warm, welcoming and inclusive community within your child’s classroom.

Classroom Parents serve as a liaison or a connection point between the Teacher and the Parents of the students in the classroom.

  • Most likely at the start of the school year, there will be new students in each classroom with possibly more joining throughout the year. The Classroom Parent is a “buddy” to the parents of the new students, offering a warm handshake and friendly face to welcome them.
  • We answer questions about the many activities that happen at Duveneck and in our neighborhood, or at least we point parents in the right direction to find answers.
  • Classroom parents may host a Back to School social event so that parents and the teacher have a longer, more relaxed time to meet and to get know each other better.
  • We also assist our teacher with recruiting parent volunteers for classroom-based activities such as:

Altogether, these are opportunities for students, parents and teachers to engage with one another, to build and strengthen relationships and to build our community for all.

Timing: Classroom Parents are recruited by the PTA at the start of the year. They are asked to host a social event at the start of the school year to welcome everybody. They will be introduced formally by the teacher during Back to School night. Please stay tuned to the eNews for more information or email us at

We are parents and teachers who support Duveneck Elementary School in Palo Alto, CA. As a community, we help create the school we want our children to have by providing funding for school equipment and materials, hosting community events, and providing enrichment programs for parents, teachers and students.