Just Parties! Fundraisers

Support our amazing school and have fun while doing it!

Just Pre-Parties are HERE!

Just Pre-Parties Sign Up Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SgH2MkOEdK6dC5bPQThc5OepG1ShaUgdAlixViVY9Zg/edit?usp=sharing 

You can start by checking out all our parties in the “Summary” tab. Once you are ready to sign up:

  • Go to your party tab and put your name and email on the list.
  • Purchase a ticket at the online store by clicking on the “ ** CLICK HERE TO PAY** ” link. PLEASE NOTE your spot is not guaranteed until you complete your purchase.
  • Each party will indicate if it is open to all or has restrictions. Ticket pricing will reflect party participation and will be offered as per adult, student, or family.
    • If you are signing up multiple adults or students, please put them each on the list individually and purchase one ticket per adult or student.
    • For events priced per family please only sign up once, indicate the number of family members in your party, and purchase a single ticket.
    • Some student parties are grade-specific to ensure activities are age-appropriate.
  • Once a party is full you can join the waitlist indicated by the red line. 
  • All confirmed paid participants will receive an Evite from party hosts with additional details before the party takes place.

If you have any questions, please email justparties@duveneck.org.

The Just Parties Committee is really excited to bring back a new Duveneck tradition — Just Pre-Parties for 2022/2023! This small list of parties is held earlier in the academic year to bring families together as we return to school and allows us to take advantage of our temperate climate for outdoor events. We’re so appreciative of all the hosts for organizing these parties within an incredibly short time frame. We truly hope the community will come together and celebrate our full return to normality – and let’s sell out these parties! 

Wondering about the traditional Just Parties events? They will be launched at the Harvest Carnival for the first time in years! If you would like to get an early start on planning an event for the regular Just Parties season, please email the Just Parties Committee at justparties@duveneck.org.

Scholarships are available: Please contact Beth (ehedge@pausd.org) or Cecelia (ceperez@pausd.org) in the front office for more information.

More info about Just Parties

WHAT: Just Parties! is the main fundraising program for the Duveneck PTA. All of the money raised from Just Parties! ticket sales goes to support the amazing programs, events and classroom supplies at Duveneck. We appreciate your support!

WHO: YOU! The ’22-’23 Just Parties! committee is looking for hosts and co-hosts for this year’s fundraising parties! Do you have a talent or passion you’d love to share with the community? Make it a party! Our past events have been everything from wine and whiskey tasting for adults to bubble and robotics parties for the kids. We’ve had yoga, movie nights, moms and margaritas, dodgeball, family dances, camping trips and MORE.  Now, we need YOUR help to make this year’s fundraising a success and offer some amazing gatherings.  Need inspiration or want to help throw a repeat of your fave party from the past?  Take a look at last year’s line up or get some inspiration from 2018-2019!

WHEN: Right now! Contact us at justparties@duveneck.org or reach out via email or in-person to one of our committee members, Amanda Brough, Chris Colohan, Tawni Escudero, Lindsay Green, Yvette Mangalindan, Sidd Mundra, Hila Prescher, Rod Satterthwaite, or Rona Yang, to get started. We can help with planning details, securing dates, places and finding co-hosts. A catalog with all the Just Parties! for the year will be available in mid-October and we’ll start selling tickets to the Duveneck community soon after. 

WHY: There are many ways to raise money. We choose to host parties and get-togethers because we are big believers in spending time together to strengthen our community. Therefore, we do not host auctions, walk-a-thons, sell wreaths or wrapping paper or candy, sell movie cards or coupon booklets, etc. — we fundraise with just parties, hence the name: Just Parties! FUNdraisers.

HOW: See below for more info on how to create a Just Parties! FUNdraiser with others!

  1. Come up with a party idea and ask friends or your child’s classmates’ parents to host with you.
  2. Divide the responsibilities and any costs of the party among yourselves.
  3. Decide on a location: a family’s home, room at Duveneck (we can help you book this if required), or an outside venue.
  4. Come up with a date, a price, and a maximum party size.
  5. Once you have your plan, please email justparties@duveneck.org.   We’ll add your party to our catalog (which comes out in October), help you publicize and promote your FUNdraiser and sell tickets for you!  The PTA keeps the money (hey, that’s the point!) and you’ll have access to the list of folks who signed up.
  6. As the date of the party nears, you send all the attendees an invitation (evite is popular) to get final guest numbers, and throw a great party!

You could join a current FUNdraiser! Want to help but aren’t sure about taking the lead? There are a number of parties that happen every year (e.g. Family Dance, Whiskey Tasting, etc.) and they are always open to new hosts joining the team. It’s a great way for new parents to learn from experienced parents and teachers. Send us an email to find out which parties are looking for more hosts!

Everyone should “Buy” a ticket to attend a FUNdraiser! If you can’t commit to hosting an event, no worries! Enjoy yourself at one of the many Just Parties! FUNdraisers we have planned. You’re invited! Please stay tuned for more info on how to buy tickets.

Stay tuned to ParentSquare for more information and we hope to see you at this year’s amazing Just Parties!

We are parents and teachers who support Duveneck Elementary School in Palo Alto, CA. As a community, we help create the school we want our children to have by providing funding for school equipment and materials, hosting community events, and providing enrichment programs for parents, teachers and students.