International Potluck

We want to say a very big THANK YOU for such an amazing event on Friday. First off, we want to express our deep appreciation to all who attended. Everyone who showed up contributed to making the experience so wonderful and welcoming. It was great to see our community coming together to celebrate the rich diversity we have here at Duveneck! We especially want to thank all the parents and students who performed, created country tables, provided delicious dishes to share, and helped with set-up and clean-up: 

Katie Kostal, Karina Milman, Linda Henigin, Chris Colohan, Lindsay Green, Jane Snyder, Kylee Dial, Yvette Mangalindan, Bennett Porter, Tarun Raisoni, Wei Wang, Ashley Couples-Lee, Liling Kristenson, Jessica Gerard, Sche Le, Mariana Vasquez de Velasco, Kartik Hosanagar, Michal Schreiber, Bryan Le, John Kostal, Rohit Sammeta, Rodney Dial, David Lawant, Moshe Milman, Jay Kim, Fan Xia, Carolyn Bao, Mary Lee, Maria-Elena Nilsback Philbin, Natalia Slobodina, Angelica Estrada, Bruna Lawant, Fernanda Suriani, Priscila Rosa, Andrea Frontini, Maichi Cheng, Scheherazade Le, Rashi Mehta, Carol Wu, Caio Lazzuri Candido Ferreira, Sheri Shamdasani, Shantae Decker, Rosa Lopez, Yvette Soria, Delmy Acosta, Yasmin Gomez, Mariela Sanchez, Perla Magana, Angie Whitnah, John Lee, Hyoeun Kim, Gracie Lee, Monica Kuchinski, Evelyn Rendon, Christine Yuri, Areli Liborio, Maria-Elena Philbin, Judy Hermann, Marieke Eggert-Pirk, Rona Yang, Lena Pietsch, Karla Padva, Marta Porwit, Dianne Milewski, Tom Whitnah, Olivia Nahoum, Michal Zaidel, Maor Chester, Inbar Brilant Elkayam, Yossef Zomet, Payv Kadivar, Bosede Gbadegesin, Aishetu Dozie, Kristal Dehnad, Susan Andersen, Tilli Kalisky-Bannett, Hila Karp, Yafang Tan, SungWhan Moon, Weiwei Zhu, Gukhwa Lee, Ou Sun, Yi Zhao, Joyce Fee, Lianlian Wan, Jingyan Zuo, Yejuan Long, Annie Chan, Kiranan Sachdeva, Kaori Saito, Jiayi Yang, CC Huang, Gang Liu, Hoting Chuang, Liling Xia, Tuan Van-dinh, Yinwing Leung, Ruifang Ge, Shilpa Putchakayala, Payal Syal, Swarnpreet Kaur, Poonam Thadani, Roshini Nair, Anita Sumanth, Anupama Bhati, Kunal Malik, Ekta Kapur, Vikram Varma, Gowri Kanugovi, Shalini Sharma, Konika Kumari, Reema Batta, Sushila Seshasayee, Catherine Oh, Jacklin Tong and Juan Caviglia.

We especially want to thank our Custodian Junior (Pampilo) Bayquen for helping us during this event.  If you see Junior on campus please thank him for all of his hard work.  We are so grateful to him!

Thank you again for all that you do! We feel very blessed to be part of such an amazing and diverse community. 

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Sign Ups are Here for Duveneck’s International Potluck – Friday, Sept. 16, 2022 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm, 2022

You and your entire family are invited to our beloved community-building event, the International Potluck!

To celebrate our diverse Duveneck community, we will be sharing food, showcasing our cultural talents and learning about each other’s vibrant backgrounds. Music, fun facts and trivia are encouraged!

Don’t forget to check this week’s Friday folder for the passport for the event. If needed, another copy is attached here.

When: Friday, September 16, 2022 at 5:30-7:30pm

Place: The Duveneck Elementary School picnic tables along Rooms 11-13 and 14-16

How to participate:

  • Visit to sign up!
  • Provide a Main, Side or Dessert dish to serve 15-20 people and include a serving utensil.
    • Use an index card to label the dish with your name, name of dish, country of origin and any common allergens.
    • Plates, napkins and forks will be provided by the Duveneck PTA.
  • If you can’t cook, don’t worry! Delivery (DoorDash) or take out from your favorite restaurant is welcome!
  • Please bring your own beverages. Water fountains are available.
  • Simply come over and enjoy amazing food and fun with other Duveneck families.

Returning  this year! 

  • Country tables and Duveneck passports so kids can travel around, learn about the colorful traditions and receive a stamp from each place they visit.
  • Performances will highlight cultural backgrounds and traditions.  Adults and kids are encouraged to dress in traditional clothes or from a favorite place you have visited.

Questions? Please contact Katie Kostal ( and Karina Milman (

We need your help in the following to make the evening a success:

1) Bringing some food (an entree, appetizer, dessert, or drinks) to share. Serving size: 15-20  people. If you don’t have time to cook, don’t worry – order takeout from you favorite restaurant or DoorDash / Grubhub and have it delivered. Everyone is welcome even if they do not bring a dish, there will be plenty to share.

2) Helping set up 
Volunteering as part of the set up or clean up crew is a great way to meet other Duveneck families. We cannot do this without you.

3) Representing your country! Our goal is to make sure every Duveneck country is represented at the IP. Try to host a table for your country/state/region with your friends. ​Country tables displaying clothing, artifacts, books, games, toys, musical instruments, etc. to showcase your culture, country or tradition. Kids and parents can travel to many country tables, learning about unique cultural traditions as they visit. Please note, the country tables are educational and separate from the potluck food tables.

4) A big part of the International Potluck are the performances by kids and adults representing their country, culture, ethnic background, and traditions. If you or child like to perform (dancing, singing, or whatever represents your culture), feel free to sign up and you will be part of the show. There will also be a parent led cultural fashion parade. Adults and kids are encouraged to dress in their traditional clothes or from a favorite place you’ve visited.

If you have any questions contact

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