International Potluck

*Stay tuned for info on the 2022 International Potluck!

Gratitude to all for a fantastic 2021 International Progressive Potluck (Sat., Oct. 16, 2021 – 4:30-6:30 pm)

Last weekend’s International Progressive Potluck was a HUGE success! It was so wonderful to see our community come together for the first time since the pandemic, sharing and learning about each other’s heritage. Thank you to all those who participated and joined in on what will hopefully become a new tradition here at Duveneck. We especially want to take this opportunity to thank those who organized, hosted, and volunteered their time in making this event so wonderful. We are so thankful to all of you!

International Potluck Committee

Jane Snyder, Jessica Galbraith, Katie Kostal, Laura Cenamor, Rashi Mehta

Country Hosts

Chris Colohan, Linda Henigin, Bruna Luwant, Carolyn Bao, Ashley Cupples-Lee, Jenny Dixon, Ritika Dutta, Kristal Dehnad, Michal Schreiber, Catherine Oh, Tamsin Maxwell, Angela Lu, Jessica Galbraith, Andrea Frontini, Meredith Pfeffer, Sche Le


Rosa Lopez, Katie Kostal, Linda Henigin, Bruna Lawant, Debora Broner Wjuniski, Giuliana Tranquilini, Fernanda Suriani, Chris Colohan, Lindsay and Steven Green, Natalia Slobodina, Jackie Wong, Carolyn Bao, Chuangang Ren, Wei Wang, Sharing Wang, Fei Lou, Jie Hu, Vivian Zhu, Zhiwei Guan, Michelle Chen, Yudy Deng, Serena Zhao, Sarah Tan, Liling Kristenson, Linda Geng, Kwanza Price, Angie Whitnah, Antonia Campbell, Bill Herman, Lise Pinnell, Ami Knoffler, Rebecca Young, Jenny Dixon, Bhakti and Nihar Jindal, Akhilesh Dhawan, Payal Syal, Anita Samantha, Rossini Nair, Rohit Sammeta, Priya Ponnapalli, Avantika Saxena, Sheri Shamdasani, Raj Sen, Swarn Kaur, Poona Thadani, Ritika Dutta, Rashi Mehta, Shilpa Putchakayala, Hila Karp, Karina Milman, Tilli Bennett, Michal Schreiber, Mike Greenberg, Monica Kuchinski, Caro Wu, Gracie Lee, Romy Yun, Jackson Tong, Julie Tomasz, Susan Curry, Phil Sykes, Laura Cenamor, Ching Tsafi, Chia-Wei Lin, Jonathan Liu, Lannie Weng, Vickie Hoting Chiang, Annie Chan, Angela Lu, CC Huang, Angela Dayton, Unique Dutt, Nia Vainikolo, Mariana Vasquez de Velasco, Dianne Milewski, M-E Philbin, Jane Snyder, Meredith Pfeffer, Joyce Fee, Chris Taylor, Yvette Mangalindan

Looking for the event print-outs? You can see and print out the map and passport a via these links: [Duveneck Around the World Adventure map] and [Duveneck Around the World passport].  The sign up sheet can be found here: International Potluck Sign-ups. Questions? Email us at

*PLEASE NOTE: The following is information from previous (pre-Covid-19) potlucks, but may be helpful to reference for those participating in the 2021 Progressive Potluck.

We need your help in the following to make the evening a success:

1) Bringing some food (an entree, appetizer, dessert, or drinks) to share. Serving size: 20-25  people. If you don’t have time to cook, don’t worry – order takeout from you favorite restaurant or DoorDash / Grubhub and have it delivered. Everyone is welcome even if they do not bring a dish, there will be plenty to share.

2) Helping set up 
Volunteering as part of the set up or clean up crew is a great way to meet other Duveneck families. We cannot do this without you.

3) Representing your country! Our goal is to make sure every Duveneck country is represented at the IP. Try to host a table for your country/state/region with your friends. ​Country tables displaying clothing, artifacts, books, games, toys, musical instruments, etc. to showcase your culture, country or tradition. Kids and parents can travel to many country tables, learning about unique cultural traditions as they visit. Please note, the country tables are educational and separate from the potluck food tables.

4) A big part of the International Potluck are the performances by kids and adults representing their country, culture, ethnic background, and traditions. If you or child like to perform (dancing, singing, or whatever represents your culture), feel free to sign up and you will be part of the show. There will also be a parent led cultural fashion parade. Adults and kids are encouraged to dress in their traditional clothes or from a favorite place you’ve visited.

Where to Go and What to Do (Pre-Covid-19 info)

When you arrive, please come find PTA members or International Potluck Committee members (with the round name pins) at the Welcome Table. They will be handing out name tags, passports for your children to visit our Country Tables, labels for food, and answering any and all questions.
  • Remember to take a minute to admire the beautiful art hanging from the school’s ceilings. Each string represents art from a different country. Kids and parents have spent a lot of time creating these masterpieces.
  • Be sure to check out the 15+ country tables. Explore and play games, get henna tattoos, sample food and treats, watch videos – along with a lot of other activities! Kids and parents have worked hard to put the country displays together.
  • Once you get your food, eat it on the tables outside the 3rd grade classrooms.
  • If you can, dress up in a traditional outfit and show it off!
Paper goods and cutlery will be provided, but bring your own non-alcoholic beverages. School water fountains will be available. Restrooms will also be open.

If You Are a Volunteer… (Pre-Covid-19 info)

Welcome Table:
When you arrive, please come find PTA members or International Potluck Committee members (with the round name pins) at the Welcome Table. They will be handing out name tags, passports for your children to visit our Country Tables, labels for food, and answering any and all questions.
If you are setting up a country table:
  • Arrive by 5 pm to start setting up
  • Find your country table on the blacktop area by the pyramid climbing structure. Country tables will be labeled according to any special requests and will be in alphabetical order.
  • Ask one of a committee or PTA member if you need anything (scissors, tape, labels, etc.)
  • If you are bringing food for sampling, please note that this food is in addition to any food you bring for the potluck. Try to bring dry snacks or finger foods as opposed to something liquid for sampling.
  • If you plan to play music, please keep the volume such that it does not disturb your neighboring country table. Use a battery operated device to play audio or video.
  • Be sure to stamp kids’ passports (we will provide stamps)
  • Plan to staff the table from 5:30-6:45 pm
If you are bringing food:
  • Arrive between 5:15-5:30 pm
  • Find your country’s food table in front of the 2nd grade classrooms
  • Be sure to label food with ingredients and any allergy information
  • If you are bringing gluten-free food or dessert, please put it on the separate gluten-free table
  • Ask a committee or PTA member if you need anything (scissors, tape, labels, etc.)
  • Put desserts on the “Dessert Tables,” not on the “Food Tables” 
If you will be performing:
  • Bring music on a device with a headphone jack (tablets, iPod, phones, etc.)  so we can play it on the school audio system and speakers
  • Gather your group in the blacktop area by the office at around 6:45 pm
  • Feel free to use the microphone to tell people a little about the performance
If you have any questions contact

We are parents and teachers who support Duveneck Elementary School in Palo Alto, CA. As a community, we help create the school we want our children to have by providing funding for school equipment and materials, hosting community events, and providing enrichment programs for parents, teachers and students.