GREEN Tips from PTA Council (PTAC) of Palo Alto

Green Tip! Watch Out for Labor Day Sales

The holiday is meant to honor the labor movement, but it is also a major consumer event. When tempted by advertisements, ask yourself 5 questions:1) Is it really a deal? Sellers mark up products in advance to show greater discounts. 2) Do I need it? It’s not a bargain if the item becomes clutter. 3) Can I get it used? 4) Can I repair what I have or prolong its use? 5) How do I responsibly dispose of my old item? Sell, gift or donate, try your Buy Nothing group, and then check GreenWaste.

Green Tip! Photo Finish(ed)?

Want to ditch yellowing photos? What about Polaroids or digital prints? Here’s a guide to safe disposal:

  • Older photographs: Recycle! Blue bin.
  • Digital prints (from home printers or one-hour service): Recycle!
  • Polaroids (instant photos): Landfill! Black bin.
  • More options: craft at home; donate non-sensitive photos for school art projects or photography programs; shred them and use for packing material.

Green Tip! Green School Shopping

Beyond the essentials, teachers will have specific requests…and your student has outgrown something already. Minimize your environmental impact:

1. Reuse. Check your Buy Nothing Facebook group, thrift stores, and online consignment shops.

2. Repair. Can you extend the life of your supplies? Find local tailors and handy people.

3. Buy Green(er). Avoid plastic, opt for minimal packaging, and look for recycled content. 

4. Cut Your Carbon. When shopping locally, stack trips and use sustainable transportation. When online, choose bundled, 2-day or later shipments, and less packaging. 

We are parents and teachers who support Duveneck Elementary School in Palo Alto, CA. As a community, we help create the school we want our children to have by providing funding for school equipment and materials, hosting community events, and providing enrichment programs for parents, teachers and students.