Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Click here for FAQs related to 2020 Distance Learning at Duveneck.


Not sure how to use your new Chromebook? Having trouble with PAUSD logins? Read on!

  • For instructions on how to log into a new Chromebook, check this out!
  • Having trouble with a district provided computer? Email the Tech Support Hotline.
  • Want to know how to log into the PAUSD portal Click here!
  • Having trouble with Schoology? Check out this instructional video and this information from PAUSD!
  • How do you connect to a Zoom meeting that requires a PAUSD login? Please consult these instructional videos for Mac, Windows, and Chromebook
  • Do you or your children have trouble opening schoolwork from Google Docs or Google Slides when clicking through from Schoology?  Or just get things going wrong in general as soon as you log in to and click on Google Drive? Browser profiles can make all sorts of problems just… go away. Click here for a video explaining what this is and how to set them up.
  • Trouble with your Zoom connection? Debugging tips below. To view this in video form, click here.
    If you are having trouble with your network connection, it is best to start debugging at one end and work your way to the other end.
    1. Is your computer or tablet too slow? If it is a relatively new computer, and seems snappy for things like web browsing, it is probably just fine. If it seems slow when doing other things, this may slow down Zoom as well. You can run Zoom on pretty much any computer, phone, or tablet you have — so try with another device to see if things are better.
    2. Is your WiFi connection slow? WiFi connections can range from great to horrible, with many, many variables — how far you are from your WiFi router, how good the antenna in your router is, how good the antenna in your computer is (the Dell Chromebooks provided by the district do not have fancy WiFi, so you may need to sit near your router), how many people around you are using WiFi, whether a microwave oven is in use, and more. The best fix for this? Don’t use WiFi. Instead, buy an ethernet adapter (such as this — get a longer cable if you need one). Just plug ethernet into your router directly, and you’ll no longer have WiFi problems. If you need to use WiFi, a better quality router such as an Eero or Google Nest can help.
    3. Is your router too slow? This is probably not the issue, as all routers we’ve seen are fast enough for Zoom.
    4. Is your network connection too slow? Comcast’s default package gives you 5Mbps of upstream bandwidth. Every Zoom call uses 1.5Mbps of upstream bandwidth (roughly). So if you have 3 people in your house on Zoom all at once, you are getting close to the limit. With 4 people, you are over, and quality may degrade. Solutions: (a) buy a fancier package from Comcast.  Their higher-end packages come with 10Mbps of upstream bandwidth. (b) if it is available at your house already, buy AT&T Fiber (or, if you like having better customer service, Sonic Fiber — which is AT&T Fiber with way better tech support). AT&T Fiber can get 960Mbps of upstream bandwidth, or almost 200 times faster than some Comcast connections.
    5. Does your network only slow down when your neighbors are also online?  In that case, your internet provider may have allocated insufficient total bandwidth to your neighborhood.  Solutions include:  (a) whine at your provider until they fix it.  (b) buy a faster package from your provider, and they may give your home more of the bandwidth they have available.  (c) switch to a better network provider, if one is available to you (such as from Comcast to AT&T, or vice-versa).

FAQS RELATED TO REGULAR ON-CAMPUS LEARNING (Please note: much of this is currently not applicable, while Duveneck is closed due to Covid-19.)

Q: How do I find out about what’s going on at Duveneck? A: Your primary source is the Duveneck eNews email, which is sent out weekly during the school year. Sign up instructions can be found here. If you add our Google Calendar to your calendar you will always have the latest information on your calendar.

Q: What is the first day of school for 2019? A: The First Day of School begins at 8:05am on Wednesday, August 14th, with dismissal for TK at 11:15am, Kinders at 11:45am, and at 2:35pm for 1st-5th graders. Please join us for our FIRST DAY Opening Ceremony on our blacktop. Coffee will be available at 7:45am. 1st-5th grade classrooms will parade out of their classrooms to join us. After we recite the Pledge of Allegiance, our Principal will make a few introductions, announcements and reminders.

Q: What time should I drop off my child? A: Classrooms open their doors at 8 am and classes begin at 8:05am (8:15am for TK). Although you may arrive any time in the morning, please do not leave your child prior to 7:50am as there is no supervision until that time.

Q: Can I bring my dog to drop off or pick up? Please note that dogs are not permitted on campus from 7:30am-4:00pm.

Q: What time does school end? A: Kinders and TK have a different schedule than 1st – 5th graders:

  • TK will be dismissed at 11:15am.
  • Kinders will be dismissed every day at 11:45am until their Full Day schedules begin on October 8th.  Teachers will release Kinders to authorized persons. If you have an
    alternate caretaker or guardian who pick-up your Kinder, please let your teacher know. Kinders and their caretakers are required to leave campus after pick-up; they may not stay to play on the Kinder yard or on school premises. Once Kinders start their full day schedule, they will be dismissed at 1:00pm on Wednesdays.
  • 1st-5th graders are released on their own at 2:35pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays; 1:05pm on Wednesdays. No supervision is provided.

Q: How do I find out which teacher my child will have? A:  Because many families move in and out of the district during the summer months, Duveneck does not announce classroom placement until just before school starts so that all families can be included. To find out your child’s classroom and pick up their information packet:

  • For TK:  There currently is only one TK class.
  • For Kinders: Please come to the School Office at 9:45am on Tuesday, August 13th to learn where your Kinder’s classroom is located and who your teacher will be. Then, head over to the Kinder area for our annual Kinder Meet and Greet to meet your teacher, visit your new classroom and the Kinder playground. Back to School Info Packets will be handed out from 10:00-11:00am.
  • For 1st -5th graders: Back to School Info Packets, filled with important forms and flyers, will be distributed by the PTA on Tuesday, August 13th, from 4:00-5:30pm during our annual BTS Packet Pick-Up event. During this fun event, students’ classroom assignments will be posted on Classroom doors and also on
    their BTS Packet. In addition, we will also have many of our After School Program representatives available with information about their respective programs. “Duvy,” our beloved mascot, will be there, and PTA Board members will be handing out treats. Please join us for this special time to collect your Packets and to connect with our wonderful community.

Q: What school supplies do I need to send with my child? A: Duveneck Elementary school does not have a School Supply List! Instead, the Duveneck PTA asks each family to make an Annual Donation per Student. The PTA passes on your donation to the Duveneck staff and teachers so they can buy all of the supplies and equipment they need when they need it. With your donations, the Duveneck PTA is also able to fund books, computers/tablets, A/V equipment, playground equipment, etc., items which are not
practical to ask for on a school supply list. The PTA’s Donations and Purchases List are here. Thank you for participating in the Annual Donation drive. Please note: Parents and students may still go back-to-school shopping for their full-sized backpacks, lunch
boxes, and water bottles.

Q: What food do I need to pack for my child? A: All students will need to pack a snack and a water bottle. 1st-5th graders will also need to either bring a lunch from home or purchase a lunch here at school. For information about how to purchase a lunch, please visit our district website: If you child is staying for after school care, make sure to include lunch and/or snacks as appropriate. You can also choose to participate in Bagel Thursdays if your child would like bagels as a snack on Thursdays.

Q: What restrictions are there on food at school (ie Nut Free)? A: Since many of our children suffer from a variety of allergies, our school’s policy is as follows:
• TK, Kinder and 1st Grade are “Nut Free” zones, meaning that nuts of any kind, including Peanut Butter and Nutella, are not allowed at all.
• 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students have specific nut-free tables where children with known allergies may eat, if they choose.

Q: Can my child bring a favorite toy from home? A: Students may not bring electronics (iphones, ipods, kindles etc.) or toys (LEGOS, trading cards, loveys/stuffies, tchotchkes, fidget spinners, bey blades, etc.) to school unless requested to do so by their teacher. Some kindergarten classrooms do allow loveys/stuffies for children who would like them, please discuss with your teacher. Any such belongings needed after school must remain in the child’s backpack during the school day. Students may not bring their own athletic equipment to school. The school/district is not responsible for stolen, damaged, or vandalized personal property. We do have a phone in the office that students can use to call home if need be.

Q: What should my child wear to school? A: Students should be dressed to move about comfortably and safely throughout their day. Layers may be worn as it can be cool at drop-off and warm up during the day. Please label your students’ things so they can more easily find it in our Lost & Found should they be misplaced. Students are not required to wear closed-toe shoes, but should wear shoes that stay securely on their feet when they move about. Students must wear closed-toes shoes on the days they have PE class.

Q: Can we walk / bike / scooter to school? A: Yes, we encourage parents to walk, bike, or roll to school with their children, especially while the weather is so pleasant. When on campus, always “walk your wheels”. This means both parents and students should dismount from bicycles or scooters and walk with them instead of riding on the school campus. The red-top surfaces are “walking only” zones. Escorted crosswalks are located at the intersections of Dana and Newell and at the corner of Alester and Channing. Pedestrian Flags are available at the crosswalks of Alester and Dana, and Heather and Channing. Please use them to improve your visibility and safety. Bicycle racks are located behind Room 14, near the Heather and Channing gate, and on the Alester side of Room 4.

Q: What if my child has special medical needs? A: Over-the-counter and prescription medications cannot be distributed or brought to school until forms signed by a parent and the child’s pediatrician are on file with the School Office. All necessary forms are accessible through, under + Medication Administration – at School or on Field

Q: What if my child gets sick or hurt during the day? A: If a teacher feels that I child needs assistance, they will send the child to the school office to see the nurse. If the nurse or front office staff deem the child too sick to return to class, the school office will call you to come and pick up your child.

Q: What should I do if my child is going to be late or absent from school? A: Please report all absences and tardies (late arrivals) to the School Office. Parents and guardians must call the office at
650.322.5946, extension 1, before 8:45am on the day of the child’s absence. Messages about attendance may be left on the voice mail at that extension. Please consider sending an email to Beth Hedge (, our Clerk, and your child’s teacher with attendance information.

Q: What about after school care? A: There are a variety of afterschool care options. You can check this page for more information. As well, many after school camps and classes post to the Duveneck Google group, so feel free to join that to receive additional information.

Q: Can I get into DKC (Duveneck Kids Club after school care)? A: Duveneck Kids Club is a daily afterschool care program. DKC also provides care on school holidays, staff development days, and minimum days. DKC is located on Duveneck campus in the portable trailers on the Channing side of the campus. DKC is part of the larger non-profit called PACCC that runs day cares and after school programs throughout Palo Alto. The sooner you complete your application, the more likely you are to receive a spot for your child or children. You can fill out an application here.

Q: Where can I get information about Winter Break / Spring Break / Summer Break camps? A: There are SO many winter, spring, and summer camp options in the area. You can see a list of some of the camps that were offered here. Duveneck Kids Club (PACCC) also offer winter, spring, and summer camps on site at Duveneck, you can learn more here.

Q: How do I get involved in the Duveneck community? A: We have a whole section of pages on that, check it out!

Q: I’ve got great ideas for the PTA. How do I make sure they happen? A: You can talk to us (we do pick up and drop off just like you), email us, or show up to a PTA Association meeting (those tend to be more formal by necessity, so you may get more out of it if you talk to folks before or after the formal proceedings). Depending on how involved your idea is (how many students, how many volunteers, how much money is required) you may talk us into doing it for you, or have to volunteer yourself (and we’ll help you secure the space/funding/publicity/etc.). We have lots of experience, talk to us!

Q: How does the PTA differ from PiE? The Site Council? Why are there so many different organizations? A: There are three organizations with different functions:

  1. The PTA is local to Duveneck, and focuses on: (a) building a community amongst Duveneck families; (b) communicating between parents and the school staff/faculty; and (c) supporting the needs of the school for classroom supplies and equipment.
  2. PiE is a district wide organization that raises money for additional school staff — music teachers, support teachers, etc.
  3. The Duveneck Site Council is a group of elected parents who meet with the principal and focus on the classroom experience of our children. They bring up concerns about the curriculum or physical facilities.

Why separate orgs? The roles performed by PiE and PTA used to be merged — but a PAUSD ruling in 2002 (intended to create more funding equality between PAUSD schools) mandated this division of responsibilities (see the PiE FAQ for more details). The Site Council is required by the California Education Code.

Q: Where do my PTA membership fees go? A: The majority of the fee goes to the California State PTA, who provides the insurance which allows the Duveneck PTA to operate.

Q: If I donate money to the PTA or buy Just Parties tickets, where does it go? A: The budget for the PTA is posted on the PTA bulletin board. (We are required by PTA rules to not post it online.)

Q: How do Just Parties work? Am I welcome to attend, or are they only for friends of the host? A: Yes, you are welcome! In the description of the party we try to make it clear if the party is for Duveneck students and/or their parents, whether younger/older siblings would enjoy it, and what to expect. Since Just Parties are a major Duveneck social experience, we want to include everyone in the community. Hosts of a Just Party donate the party to the PTA (and cover all the costs involved), in the hopes that others will enjoy the party and it will raise money to support the PTA.

Q: Will there be an information packet to answer all my questions? A: Yes! More information is included in our 2019-2020 Handbook that you will receive at the Back to School event, and there will be informational flyers and forms in the Back to School Packet available on Tuesday, August 13th.

Q: Can I book a room for my event/party/club? How? A: Yes! Please check this page for information on booking space at Duveneck.

We are parents and teachers who support Duveneck Elementary School in Palo Alto, CA. As a community, we help create the school we want our children to have by providing funding for school equipment and materials, hosting community events, and providing enrichment programs for parents, teachers and students.