Inclusion Volunteers Needed!

The PTA tries to ensure that all students and their families feel included and welcome in our community. As a part of our inclusion efforts we are looking for a few volunteers who can help flesh out the details of these events, organize and co-host the following events along with our principal, Mr. Grierson.

  • Principal’s coffee (co-host one time with Mr. Grierson)- The small group setting of this coffee makes it a great time to connect with parents that are concerned about their children academically. We also want to foster discussion about possible learning differences, social emotional challenges, mental health and special educational needs (including English Language Learners).
  • Unity Day – Wednesday October 25th, 2017- part of the country-wide celebration of Bullying Prevention Week. Help get everyone to wear orange to show that we are aligned against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.
  • Bullying prevention week (December)- Work with Principal Grierson to encourage our kids to participate in National No-Name Calling week. (Example activity: create anti-name-calling posters.)
  • Inclusive Schools Week (January) – A week of school-wide activities related to inclusion. Help ensure this week is a success. Activities could include a classroom art project display, reading of poems during an assembly, Rainbow Day where each grade level wears a color coming together to form a rainbow (including photos of the children forming the rainbow), and Mix it Up Lunch where students will be asked to eat lunch with a student they do not normally eat with.

These will be great volunteer opportunities if you are passionate about our children appreciating and celebrating diversity.

Please contact Julie Tomasz and Tina Liao, co-VPs of the PTA’s parents and student programs, if you want to volunteer, or have any questions.