Critical CA Legislation needs your voice this week!

Advocacy is core to PTA’s mission to positively impact the lives of all children and families.  Several critical bills are before the California Legislature this session, and PTAC has an easy way for you to speak up – with just a click of a button!

The CA legislature is back in session will be voting any day now – this August only – on CA education bills through August 31:

PTAC has partnered with local organization ClickMyCause to provide a FREE iPhone app to receive Palo Alto PTA Council mobile alerts.

When you receive your alert:
  • Click 1:  Open your alert
  • Click 2:  Email Sacramento
These bills are up for vote in the coming days:
  • pupil suicide prevention
  • mental health services
  • special education services
  • protecting our immigrant students
  • banning guns in school zones
  • helping our homeless students

Please help amplify PTA’s advocacy by lending your voice to these important initiatives.

For more information, see http://ptac.paloaltopta. org/click-my-cause/.  Download the app here: https://clickmycause. com/download/.