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Animal Day, October 5

Dear Duveneck Families,

Our Duveneck Student Council has designed our next Spirit Day for Thursday, October 5th!

Animal Day!

Please encourage your student to either bring a stuffed animal to school, wear clothes with animals on them, or dress like an animal of their choice.

Participation is optional, but we hope everyone enjoys this spirit day.  More information will be presented at our assembly on Tuesday.

Thank you,

Duveneck Student Council


We all have those bins of toys that our kids have outgrown.  It’s time to give those old toys a new home.  Here’s your opportunity to let those toys and books that were once loved by your child be loved by someone else.

We’ll be collecting gently used toys, books, movies, costumes, stuff animals, collection cards and games to be given out at the prize booth at the Harvest Carnival.  While we appreciate your enthusiasm, please remember that we cannot accept damaged goods or items with missing parts.  We want everyone to be excited with the prizes they take home!

Donations can be dropped off in the bins outside the office from October 2-13.

Interested in helping with the Harvest Carnival?  Volunteers are always welcome.  Visit our webpage for more information. Please contact Cannie Seto ( with any questions about the Harvest Carnival Prize Drive.

See you at our next PTA Association Meeting!

Last Monday we had our first full PTA Association Meeting of the year.  We managed to get some quite important tasks done:

  • We passed a budget, which determines which programs get funded (and how much) for the entire year.  The budget is now posted on the bulletin boards on campus — when you look at it note how the majority of funds is spent on essential supplies for the school.
  • We learned that we are within 5% of our Direct Ask fundraising goal.
  • The audit of the 2016-2017 PTA was passed with flying colors.
  • Harvest Carnival and Just Parties are full steam ahead!

We hope to see you at the next PTA Association Meeting, which we will be holding just after drop-off at 8:10am on January 22.

Classroom Safety Rep Needed Now

Are you a busy working parent and want to volunteer at school but only have limited time? Are you new to Duveneck hoping to meet new families and to feel involved? Do you want to participate but haven’t been able to sign up for anything yet?

 Then your classroom’s Safety Rep role may be right for you! It’s a very small time commitment (see below) and it makes a big difference! 

  • Traffic Safety and Walk and Roll Week: Representatives will be present at drop off the week of  October 2-5 and the week of  April 16-22 to help with safety reminders, thank community members for walking and rolling, answer questions about safe routes, etc. 
    • Commitment – from 7:50 am – 8:10 am (at least once) during each of the Walk N Roll weeks.
  • Emergency Backpack Supplies: In May, we will inventory the emergency backpacks in every classroom and replenish necessary supplies.
    • Commitment – one weekday morning (May 11th) from 8:05-9:30 am

Please contact your room parents to sign up now. Again, it’s a great way for new families and working parents to get involved. And your help goes a long way in making Duveneck safer for our children. Thank you!

Noon Activity: Paper Airplanes!

Hello Duveneck Parents,

NEXT WEDNESDAY, October 4th, we will be hosting this year’s first noon activity session and we’d love to have your help and to have you join us for some fun. It’s an opportunity for the kids to have something special and to do something different during lunchtime recess and a sweet chance for you to see your kids in action during the school day!

Once they’ve finished their lunch, students who wish to join us will be making paper airplanes of different designs and fly them all around the school playground. We’ll meet at Duveneck at 10:50am to set up in front of the principal’s office and should be done by noon.

Please let us know if you think you’ll make it.

Thanks! Julie (Mom of 4th grader, Max and 1st grader , Oli) at and Tina (Mom of 4th grader, Dylan and 2nd grader, Madison)