Back to School Events

A new school year starts next week.  How exciting! This also means that the PTA and school are hosting some fun back-to-school events for you.

Kinder Meet and Greet

On Monday August 14 is a special event just for our incoming kindergarten students.  Bring your child to the Main Office at 10am, and learn which classroom your child is assigned to.  Then head over to that classroom to meet your new teacher, and explore the classroom.  This is a great chance for your child to meet their new classmates, and you to meet your fellow parents.

Packet Pick Up

On Monday afternoon from 4-5:30pm is when the rest of the students learn who their new teachers and classrooms are.  Class lists are posted on each classroom door.  Head to the Main Office and pick up your Back-to-School Packet — which includes your handbook, and other important paperwork for the upcoming school year.  Meet your PTA Board members, re-unite with other parents, and enjoy a free popsicle!

First Day Opening Ceremony

On the first day of school you can chat with the other parents while enjoying free coffee and pastries.  At about 8:30am, the students will parade out of their classrooms with their teachers and aides.  You are welcome to stick around for remarks from Mr. Grierson, our Principal.  The ceremony usually ends at about 9:15am.

Call for Volunteers

We still need a couple of volunteers to help out with the First Day Opening Ceremony (serving coffee, helping to set up, etc.).  You’ll need to arrive at the school a bit early (around 7:30am).  Please consider helping out — contact Liz Malcom if you can help.