Duveneck IS testing out a new eNews platform

This week we are trying something new. Instead of sending you the eNews via Constant Contact as we usually do, we’ve sent it out using ParentSquare. If everything worked right, you already received your eNews fix via email on Sunday, May 2nd around 9am. If you did not get it, please let us know with a quick email to enews@duveneck.org.

Why are we doing this? ParentSquare is a communications tool supported by PAUSD, so if we use it, the PTA no longer has to maintain our own email distribution lists. And all of your school-related emails, from either the Duveneck school staff or from the PTA, will go to the same inbox. If you use the ParentSquare website or mobile app, you can use it to review a complete history of messages from the school and PTA. Also, ParentSquare will automatically translate any messages we send (using Google Translate) into your preferred language for reading them.

This is just a test. Duveneck is the first school in PAUSD to try out this new system for eNews. If it works well, we’ll keep on doing it, and other schools will follow suit. (So your Greene and Paly PTA messages will also come through the same system!) Please let us know what you think — does this work well for you? Did you fail to get your eNews? Email any feedback to enews@duveneck.org.

Thank you!!
– Your friendly Duveneck PTA

Honorary Service Awards 2021 — Please send your nominations

At the end of each school year, the Duveneck PTA bestows Honorary Service Awards (HSA) upon outgoing 5th grade parents who have provided outstanding service to our school and community. They have spent their time and energy chaperoning, room parenting, chairing, hosting, attending many a meeting, hosting and organizing Just Parties, serving on the PTA Board and/or Site Council, spreading bagels, etc. Their time and energy are part of what makes Duveneck what it is, a warm and connected community.

We will publicly recognize these very special parents at our virtual Honorary Service Awards Party, which everyone is invited to attend. Information coming soon!

Please take a moment to nominate an outgoing 5th grade parent (or two or three or more!) who has enriched our school community during their tenure here, whether by officially serving on PTA committees or always being there with a smile for classroom events, etc. Please include any memories or notes you’d like to share. Please submit your nominations here by Friday, May 14th. THANK YOU! Questions? Want to help? pta@duveneck.org

We are parents and teachers who support Duveneck Elementary School in Palo Alto, CA. As a community, we help create the school we want our children to have by providing funding for school equipment and materials, hosting community events, and providing enrichment programs for parents, teachers and students.